Access your innate Creativity, Power and Purpose.​

    Through the 7 Stages of
    the Hero’s Journey


    The Way of The Courageous Vulnerable is
    the story of a Courageous Hero; You.

    Matthew Harris


    The Courageous Journey
    & Author

    Matthew Harris

    I am a long-time teacher, storyteller, workshop presenter and writer who lives and works in the beautiful Byron Bay region of New South Wales. 

    I help people find inspiration, purpose and meaning in their lives by helping them appreciate themselves and their heroic and noble journeys in life.


    I have been interested in mythology, spirituality, and the archetypal path since childhood, and through my studies and work experience, I have combined these elements to provide a roadmap for human growth, transformation, and fulfilment.


    I believe we all go through a journey in our lives, mostly unconsciously, to achieve our life’s mission and purpose. My work reveals this inner courage and nobility so that you can find your own Hero's Journey and achieve your mission and purpose.


    Hero's Journey

    The Hero’s Journey describes the life path of an ordinary, courageous hero; You. 


    The Hero’s Journey is a template describing the stages you go through on your life’s journey.


    It shows you starting from your Known World, Crossing Thresholds and encountering Trials and Challenges .


    You then emerge, having endured great hardships, embodying your true gifts and talents, bringing them into the world.


    It shows your life’s journey as a natural cycle that takes you into achievement and transformation by way of challenges, hardship and courage. 


    To go through this journey, and to achieve your grand purpose in life, takes courage and vulnerability to open yourself to the simple nobility and humility of your true self.


    The Hero's Journey shows us that most people are far more courageous and noble than we give them credit for, including you.


    It shows us how we live lives of purpose and achievement, even though we may not know it at the time. 


    7 steps of the The Heros Journey

    Part one

    Preparation and Departure

    All stories open in the Hero’s Known World. Two main events commonly occur:


    The Call to Adventure, and the gaining of Mentors, Helpers and Guides.


    And, Crossing the Threshold.

    Part two

    Initiation sees the Hero cross a significant threshold and moves into the Unknown World. This stage has many powerful life-changing events within it:


    The Road of Trials – challenges, temptations, allies and enemies.


    The Abyss – the place of darkness, despair and symbolic or actual death.


    Rebirth and Transformation

    Part three

    The Return

    The Hero returns to the Known World, but this time as a transformed being.


    You now bear the gifts and wisdom from your journey.


    These gifts, when applied within your community, bring healing, wisdom, and regeneration.


    The Road Back, Rewards and Gifts.



    How the Hero's Journey
    affects you and your daily life?

    The Hero’s Journey affects you whether you are a woman or a man, old or young, successful or going through hard times.


    It is a cycle that is present in your circumstances, in your decisions, in your feelings and in your thinking.


    The Hero's Journey is a template, a guide to describe the different stages of life you are going through. is a series of stages, set out in a natural cycle.


    It tells you that You are the Hero of your own life. 


    It helps you see and experience the world symbolically and mythologically within a universal and timeless framework that you can apply to your life in a meaningful and helpful way.

    What my clients say

    Matthew’s gift of storytelling as an author/practitioner is uniquely and divinely shared, so that I am constantly taken through a journey of incredible self-discovery each time.


    He supports people to transform from old patterns of behaviour to new enlightened, grounded and practical understandings with such warm joy in his heart.

    Geraint Seren


    I like his effortless style; directly to the point yet descriptive and even passionate. If I’m reading his words, I know there’s always something useful that I can take away.


    He puts something into words, that clarifies precisely what I need to apply to something specifically happening in my life, right then and there. Immediate application.

    Chris Fine

    Los Angeles

    Matthew's words are like a key - helping that inner knowledge to stream forth into our consciousness to help us in our day to day dealings with other beings and with situations around us that can affect us. 


    Matthew's knowledge and his gift of bringing forth the better parts, and the challenging parts of my inner being is very impressive and I thank him for it. 

    Pattie Thompson


    The Way of
    The Courageous Vulnerable 

    A book which explores your life's journey

    into your vulnerability and courage, where you uncover your true power, calling and purpose. 


    This book reveals the story of a noble and courageous hero; You.

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