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The Way of
The Courageous Vulnerable 

By: Matthew Harris

Finding Meaning and Purpose Through the 7 Stages of the Hero’s Journey

The Hero's Journey

“Just see if you can enjoy being sick”, my brother said to me as I lay on the couch sweating from a virus that I had had for a week. I quietly cursed him as I acknowledged the absurd logic.
He was right.


Eventually, after years of struggle, I realised there was a great purpose and journey I was living through or was living through me. '


This great purpose is the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero's Journey is a timeless template used in stories across cultures and across time, illustrating how ordinary people achieve great and noble outcomes. 


By going on a journey that takes you on a path into your vulnerability and courage, you uncover your hidden, true nature and calling. 

Written by author, teacher and spiritual guide, Matthew Harris, The Way of the Courageous Vulnerable will help you to:

  • Appreciate your Self, your life’s Journey and your legacy 

  • Understand the power and purpose of your challenges and achievements

  • Be reassured that you live in a benign universe guiding you to the most optimum experience, drawing out your greatest gifts, talents and mission 

Having experienced his own Hero’s Journey, enduring extended periods of depression, illness, poverty and powerlessness, Matthew shows us that we live our life’s purpose on the journey through our ordinary lives.


The Way of the Courageous Vulnerable is the story of a courageous hero; You.

Meet The Author

Matthew Harris is a long-time teacher, storyteller, workshop presenter and writer who lives and works in the beautiful Byron Bay region of New South Wales. 

He helps people find inspiration, purpose and meaning in their lives by helping them appreciate themselves and their heroic and noble journeys in life. 


Matthew has experienced his own Hero’s Journey, encountering extended periods of illness, depression, and poverty. This was an Initiation experience that introduced him powerfully to his limitations, but eventually, lead him into breakthroughs that brought about his emergence, through humility, into his gifts, talents and wisdom.


He has been interested in mythology, spirituality, and the archetypal path since childhood. Through his studies and work experience, he combines these elements to provide a roadmap for human growth, transformation, and fulfilment.


Matthew believes that we all go through a journey in our lives, mostly unconsciously, to achieve our life’s mission and purpose. Matthew’s work reveals this inner courage and nobility within your own heart.


What readers say ...

"I enjoy the simplicity and flow of Matthew’s writings. A refreshing grounded approach that leaves me safe to explore and interpret my inner realms with ease.​"

Carlo Laruccia


"Matthew’s gift of storytelling as an author/practitioner is uniquely and divinely shared, so that I am constantly taken through a journey of incredible self-discovery each time.​"

Geraint Seren


"Matthew's words are like a key - helping that inner knowledge to stream forth into our consciousness to help us in our day to day dealings with other beings and with situations around us that can affect us."

Pattie Thompson


"I like his effortless style; directly to the point yet descriptive and even passionate when he’s feeling it. If I’m reading his words, I know there’s always something useful that I can take away.​"

Chris Fine

Los Angeles


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