The Hero's Archetypes


Discovering your major archetypes helps you better understand yourself, your motivations and insights into what stage of your Hero’s Journey you are at. This all provides you with greater self-awareness, activates your personal and spiritual growth, and enhances your personal power, creativity and purpose.




The Innocent/Child archetype is primary to our lives, we all start off as children. This archetype’s features are; playfulness, wonder and awe. It is expressed in the desire for learning and exploring new things. There is however a dynamic tension between fear, dependency and responsibility.





Caregivers find meaning from helping and caring for others and developing a sense of morality, compassion, and generosity. They strive to make people feel nurtured and secure, and care deeply for the good of humanity, community, family, individuals, and the well-being of the natural world.





The story of the Orphan is a sense of not belonging, of not being part of a family, community or wider society. But the Orphan can be powerfully heroic, rather than cynical and bitter, because they learn self-reliance, independence, self-value and self-trust.




The Creator brings new life into the world, through ideas, inventions, innovations, and new pathways. They bring something that didn’t previously exist into being. Hence, when the Creator is active in your life, new opportunities present themselves for you and others.




The Warrior archetype is one of society’s protectors. They represent physical strength, prowess and courage, and achievement through willpower and discipline. Warriors set and enforce boundaries, and align themselves with causes and people they believe in.




The Lover archetype encapsulates all types of love in relationships — parental, familial, friendships, spiritual, and romantic – and the love and passion we feel when we are creating something, engaged in our work or a project, or expressing feedback about something we have experienced.


The Lover wants to have close relationships, achieve intimacy, feel special, and make others feel special, too.




The Destroyer archetype is the story of endings, of closure, of cutting loose, letting go and plowing under. From throwing out old magazines and memorabilia to terminating employees and ending failed relationships, the terminating energy of the Destroyer’s story is balanced by the creativity of the Creator archetype.


Remember, nothing new can be created or begin, without first an ending.  





The Seeker archetype is active in us when we are questing for something: love, adventure, redemption, enlightenment, and the like. It is the Seeker archetype who will give you the courage to step over the threshold and begin your Journey.




The Sovereign archetype is that part of you which leads your way. When you have dreams or a vision for your life, when you are inspired to reach for the stars this archetype is lively.

The Sovereign is the ruler of the realm, the king, queen or other leader who reigns over the land. The Sovereign holds a vision for the good of the people, motivates them to reach for the vision, and blesses and supports them along the way.





The Magician archetype serves as a catalyst for change; turning problems into opportunities; reframing difficulties; empowering people and teams; and creating solutions from a situation. The outcome of the Magician is amazement and wonder.




The Fool is arguably the most courageous, wisest and most joy-filled of all the archetypes. The Fool can speak truth to power with humour, such that they show up hypocrisy and pomposity in themselves and others.





The Sage archetype represents your accumulated wisdom, knowledge and power. They represent your innate spiritual aspect and may appear in your life through different symbols, such as wise or spiritual people in your life, dreams, insights, or through teaching your life’s wisdom to others.

Which Archetypes are you?

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